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The capital of Wisconsin, Madison is nestled between idyllic lakes Mendota and Monona, and is a city rich with history that spans from the early 18th century through its turn as a center for the Union Army during the Civil War into the modern era. Visitors to the city will find stunning architecture, beautiful expanses along the glacier-created lakes, and plenty in-between our three Wisco hotels in Madison, WI.

Business Travel Made Easy

Madison is home to many businesses, and the city enjoys a healthy flow of travelers employed by or working in conjunction with the University of Madison-Wisconsin and the Wisconsin state government, as well as the many hospitals and corporations which house headquarters in Madison.

Visit the Capitol

While staying at our Madison hotels, visit one of our most treasured landmarks. Overlooking the beautiful city, is of course the domed edifice of the State Capitol, white and pristine in the city’s impressive skyline. The view is breathtaking at night—and after a day of touring the city, and a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants, one of our three nearby Madison, WI hotels will be waiting for you when it is time to wind down.

Wisco Madison Wisconsin Hotels:

Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Chazen Museum of Art 800 University Avenue, Madison WI (608) 263-2246 7.02
Chazen Museum of Art

Admission to this riveting art destination is free, and you just might walk away with a most artistic experience in your mind. Gorgeous, multi-destination artwork and prize-winning architecture are just two of the draws to this must-see collection.

Madison Children’s Museum 100 State Street, Madison, WI (608) 256-6445 7.63

Explore some of the most stimulating exhibits your kids are likely to find in their travels, and enjoy an engaging program of entertainment which caters to children from birth to age eight.

Monona Terrace 1 John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI (608) 261-4000 8.08
Monona Terrace

A beautiful, lovely view of Lake Monona and a pleasant environment make this a happily visited destination in Madison.

Middleton Convention Center 5025 County Highway, Madison, WI (608) 846-9177 12.57
Middleton Convention Center

A wonderful destination for Madison travelers who want to pick up knowledge, see model cars and more!

Overture Center for the Arts 201 State St, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 258-4141 7.6

Itching to see one of your favorite performers on the stage of a world-class venue? Head over to the Overture Center for the Arts, and the billing just might give you what you’re looking for. After all, this center presents internationally acclaimed music and performances which know no barriers.

Wisconsin Historical Museum 30 N. Carroll Street Madison, WI (608) 264-6555 7.68

Experience the distinctive flavor of Wisconsin’s celebrated heritage at the Wisconsin Historical Museum, where you’ll learn about some of the state’s most impressive historical swaths.

National Mustard Museum 7477 Hubbard Avenue, Madison, WI (800) 438-6878 1.51

Have you ever been curious as to the origins of the delicious, slightly tangy sauce which is affectionately known in our culture as “mustard”? Head down to the National Mustard Museum, where these answers – and more – will be bestowed upon you.

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art 227 State Street Madison, WI (608) 257-0158 7.55

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is known for its engaging displays of some of the most outstanding modern and contemporary artwork to hit the walls of galleries across the world.

UW Madison Biotechnology Center 425 Henry Mall Madison, WI (608) 262-8606 6.45

Explore a wonderfully scientific destination.

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