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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About WISCO Hotels & Locations

Reservation Confirmations, Deposit And Guarantee Policy

Q: How can I get a copy of my hotel reservation confirmation?

A: You may obtain your confirmation by contacting the hotel directly. They will be able to fax or e-mail you information on your reservation.

Q: What is the hotel guarantee policy?

A: Each reservation with a valid credit card will be held until 6am the following morning. If the reservation is not held with a credit card the reservation will be promptly cancelled at 6pm the day of arrival. All Friday and Saturday evening reservations will require a credit card to reserve your room.

Cancellations And Charges

Q: If I need to cancel a reservation, how long do I have to cancel before a charge is incurred?

A: Typically hotel policy is 6pm day of arrival. If cancelled after 6pm, that nights room charges and applicable taxes will be charged to the credit card on file. In some instances, special events or special rate plans may have different restrictions – inquire at the time of your reservation.

Hotel Information

Q: How can I learn about the amenities and services offered at all of the Wisco properties?

A: This information can be obtained through the website under the “Our Destinations” tab, or by calling the hotel directly and inquiring with one of the Guest Service Representatives.

Special Services

Q: If I am in need of special services, ie TTY machines, wheelchair accessible guestrooms, or any other special arrangements, who do I contact?

A: Each Wisco Hotel property is in ADA compliance, and any special services that may be needed should be conveyed at the time the reservation is made, and confirmed with the Front Desk Guest Service Representative at check-in.


Q: Who do I contact if I would like to set up a group or corporate rate?

A: Contact the hotel directly and ask to speak with one of the members of the sales team.

Q: Is there a discount for a long term stay?

A: We do offer our guests who will be with us for long periods of time incentives. Contact the hotel directly, and ask to speak with one of the members of the sales team. Also, check out our Extended Stay Rates.

Q: Do rates stay the same all year long, and why would my rate differ on certain days or other reservations?

A: Rates are dynamic and change daily. Rates adjust based on season and occupancies. Rates may or may not be the same, depending on when your reservation is booked and for what day of arrival.

Q: If I have a rate with one of your hotels for a reservation, can I get that same rate at one of your other locations?

A: Rates vary by hotel, market, season, and occupancies. Each hotel has its own set of pricing and guidelines. Please contact each hotel direct.

Q: Do you have Park Here, Fly There packages available.

A: Some of our Airport locations have Park Here, Fly There packages available. Call the hotel directly, or look at the website packages to see if any are available.

Early Check-In

Q: What is your check in policy?

A: Check in at each Wisco property is 3pm.

Q: Can I check in earlier than 3pm?

A: In certain instances your room may be available earlier than 3pm. Contact the hotel the day of arrival to determine if an early check in is available. Certain early check in fees may apply.

Indoor Water Park Hotels

Q: Do you sell day passes to your indoor waterparks?

A: Yes, based on availability. Day Passes can be purchased often during the week and sometimes during the weekend. Please contact the hotel directly to check on the daily status of Day Passes.

Q: Do you allow birthday parties at your water parks?

A: Most water park hotels offer birthday packages. Contact the hotel directly for dates and pricing.

Payments And Other Charges

Q: Can I pay with a Debit Card? If so, are there special procedures?

A: Payment or guarantee may be made by credit card or debit card. Credit cards will be authorized at check in, and charged at the time of check out. Debit cards will be charged the full amount of the stay at time of check in.

Q: Can I pay in cash?

A: Wisco hotels do accept cash payments; however a deposit is required at check in for any incidental charges that may be incurred. This deposit amount may vary by location, check with the hotel directly.

Q: What credit cards do you accept?

A: Wisco hotel take all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Carte Blanche, Diners Club and most other major cards.

Q: Can I pay with Travelers checks?

A: Wisco hotels do accept Travelers Checks

Q: Can I cash a personal check?

A: Personal checks are cashed for up to $25 with proper identification. In some instances, they may be cashed for more, check with the hotel directly for more information.

Q: Does Wisco Hotel Group sell gift cards?

A: Yes, Each hotel has the ability to sell gift cards directly, or they may be purchased through the website. Wisco gift cards can be utilized also on the services offered within the hotel; lounge, restaurant, etc. Most hotel locations also sell individual brand gift cards. Contact your nearest Wisco hotel directly for more information.

Facilities For Guests With Disabilities

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About Wisco Hotel Group

Q: How many properties does the Wisco Hotel Group have?

A: Wisco Hotel Group owns and operates 12 hotels in the state of Wisconsin. These brands include Comfort Suites, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Fairfield and Baymont Inn and Suites.

General Information And Policies

Q: Do you accept pets at your hotels?

A: Most hotels accept pets, with the exception of Holiday Inn Madison, Holiday Inn Express Milwaukee and Fairfield Inn Milwaukee Airport. Inquire at your specific hotel for information on the pet policy and fees.

Q: Are your hotels non-smoking?

A: All of our Wisco locations are 100% smoke free.

Disclaimer And Copyright

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